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back to reality

15 Mar

Spring break is over and the next few weeks of the semester have just begun. This week I have to take 2 midterms exams, but I think I can handle them pretty well.

Last night I had this really terrific dream. I had this dream that I was in this movie about a girl who moves to a different foster home and meets the family that loves her. It was such a great dream. One of the highlights was seeing David Bowie in the dream playing the saxophone. I totally home this means he will performs live one more time. I always have these dreams in that situation.

Every time I have dreams like that one, I end up imagining it as a movie, (Yes, this has happened many times before- not the first time it happened to me). This time it was no different. I really hope I do meet someone like that who plays the sax and will lead me to the road of happiness that I always dream about.

Anyway that is about it. Wish me luck on midterms. Thanks for reading.


Nothing last forever.

24 May

As Billie Joe Armstrong said, “Time passes like lightning, before you know it you’re struck down. 

That’s exactly what happened to me. I’m not the same girl I was back in 2000. I’ve changed a lot. But not everything changed. Let me explain.

When I was young, I was into girly stuff, now I’m more hardcore and tomboyish. I changed a lot in middle school. I stopped being girly, and I got into more darker things. It took effect my high school years. I’m beginning to understand myself  and where I stand in life.

Yes, we can’t be the same forever. We have to change. It’s very hard to change in life, but it’s worthwhile and fun.