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back to reality

15 Mar

Spring break is over and the next few weeks of the semester have just begun. This week I have to take 2 midterms exams, but I think I can handle them pretty well.

Last night I had this really terrific dream. I had this dream that I was in this movie about a girl who moves to a different foster home and meets the family that loves her. It was such a great dream. One of the highlights was seeing David Bowie in the dream playing the saxophone. I totally home this means he will performs live one more time. I always have these dreams in that situation.

Every time I have dreams like that one, I end up imagining it as a movie, (Yes, this has happened many times before- not the first time it happened to me). This time it was no different. I really hope I do meet someone like that who plays the sax and will lead me to the road of happiness that I always dream about.

Anyway that is about it. Wish me luck on midterms. Thanks for reading.


Thoughts of today

25 May

Everyday I think of the most craziest things. Will I get a good job, get friends, or succeed? That’s why I’m starting this and calling it thoughts of today.

Today my thoughts are about the end of high school. I can’t believe I’m graduating in one month. I’m going to miss high school and all of my friends. Stuff I won’t miss will be the teachers. I wonder what college will be like.

Anyway, I’m really glad the four years are almost over, and that I can build a new bridge in my life. I hope I’ll make friends in college. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I do hope it’s great. I want a successful college life.