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Ten facts about me

29 Aug

Today I’m going to post 10 facts that you probably didn’t know about me.

1. I’m really interested in music.- My favorite genres fall into the rock category. I listen to a lot of different types of music.

2. I write poetry in my spare time.- I have a special book that I write in.

3. I always have weird ideas, but I can fix myself

4. I play guitar. I began a few years ago and love it

5. I love experimenting my look

6. I enjoy pizza and chicken- Then again, Who doesn’t?

7. I love watching concert videos- I actually own two of them.

8. I have a close relationship with my parents.

9. I’m always a go getter.

10. I love meeting new people.

Thanks for reading.


The most shocking news I had ever received.

14 Aug

Usually I do not follow the news that much. Sometimes I get absorbed in and watch. However sometimes when I do watch the news, it changes my life forever. 

That’s what happened Monday. That day I found out one of my favorite actors had died by committing suicide. That very actor was Robin Williams.

I’ve been a fan since I first watched Jumanji  only 9 years ago. The movie became one of my favorite films. Later I got into more of his films including Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting, the latter of which is my all time favorite movie.

When I found out about his suicide, I was in complete shock. I never knew he had so many mental issues until it was too late. However I will not stop being a fan. I will continue to watch his films to honor him by. I will also use this video. 


Thanks for reading. 

The long road not taken

4 Aug

Decisions are the hardest part of life. But we have to make them every day.

There are two types of them, good and bad. Through a lot of my life, I made decisions that were not so good. It made me very upset and sad. As the days go on, I’m beginning to make better decisions about myself and my life.

I have learned that no one is perfect, and that is 100% okay. We all don’t have to be. Everyone makes smart and dumb choices.

Even if we do make mistakes, we are still loved.

Thanks for reading.