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Much ado about life

18 Apr

Ahh, life. Isn’t it sweet?

Right now I am approaching the end of my first year in college. I can’t believe this year went by so quickly. This year was my first year living away from from home. On of the big things I’m excited for is summer. I love that season. I’m looking forward to swimming and guitar camp like last year. I’m also looking forward to resting for a good couple of months. Summer is also a time to prepare for my sophomore year of school.

College has been very good for me. I met several people, and took several classes. Right now I am taking accounting, literature, astronomy, law, and math. I’m planning to become an accountant and work for a large accounting firm in the near future. I want to be extremely successful in life.

Also I’m planning to write about certain bands, so I might be starting a band blog if all goes well. This summer will be a very fun summer. I can’t wait for the future and what it holds. Everyday when I wake up I look forward to new events. 

Now back to the music blog. In the near future I will be using this site to write about bands and artists I really like (besides Green Day). I will also be doing some art stuff over the summer that I will post on an art site. 

So now you know what my plans are for the future. Thanks for reading.

As always, Amy.