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Green Day’s trilogy madness

6 Aug

It’s official; Green Day is releasing not one, but three albums. Those albums names’ are UNO, DOS, and TRE. 

In April, I found out about this exciting news. Green Day is my all time favorite band, and I was waiting for an album after the folded 21st Century Breakdown. They started recording in February, with the announcement about the trilogy in April. The group mixed the albums in June. The first single was released in July. The albums will be release in September, November, and January respectively. 

The fandom was really excited, including me. I first heard “Oh love” and “Let yourself go” on GDA. Right now I’m waiting for the albums to come out. I’m saving a lot of money for the trilogy. But that’s not all.

I’m super excited for the upcoming tour. I don’t know when they will be tour my area, but it will be awesome. Anyway that’s about it. I declare a trilogy. It’s trilogy time.

Thanks for reading.