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My favorite websites

16 Mar

As you can tell, I’m online a lot. So this blog is about my favorite sites.

Green Day sites- Just in case you don’t know GD is my favorite band, so I visit their sites. My two favorite are GDA and GSB.

GDA was the first fansite I found of them. The picture vault is amazing, and the forum is cool. GSB is another site I found. This site contains a message board where I chat with people and blogs where I can express myself

facebook- This site is really cool. I can chat with friends, find out about bands I like, and play games. My favorite is Diamond Dash.

tumblr- This site is really cool. I go their to post or videos of stuff I like.

twitter- This site allows me to post what I am thinking of.

myspace- I go on this site to listen to music. I’m friend with a lot of bands on this site.

formspring- Here I answer questions people ask me. I listen to my favorite bands on here.

Anyway they’re a lot more, but I just posting these right now. Thanks for reading.



16 Mar

Music is my life. 

I love different genres. My favorites are rock and alternative. I also love grunge, metal, pop, instrumental jazz, country, and hip hop. 

As you can tell I love many music. I love it so much that I download songs on my ipod. Music calms me after a rough day. It’s been a part of my life since I was little. Some people wonder how I love so many different styles. Of course I don’t like every performer out there, but there is so mush artists that I do like.

Thanks for reading. 

Hello world!

16 Mar

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